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A little about Timor-Leste...

  • For 10 years, MAF has served the people of Timor-Leste, a country comprised of the eastern half of Timor and the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and the enclave Oecusse. In addition to having the highest level of malnutrition in south-eastern Asia, isolated communities in Timor-Leste have few of life’s essentials.
  • Surface transport can be slow and dangerous, so our partnership with Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health enables over 100 emergency airlifts to be carried out each year from remote regions to the country’s main hospital in Dili.


Flying with the Prime Minister

How often do you see a Prime Minister taking selfies in an MAF plane? That’s exactly what happened when MAF flew Prime Minister Dr Rui Maria de Araújo in Timor-Leste last year. He visited a place called Suai to see a special art and cultural display. The art show included rugs, pottery, languages, music, dances, and special places and monuments.

The Prime Minister was planning to drive, but he called MAF when the roads to Suai were cut off by heavy rain, flooding and landslides. Rui Maria de Araújo saw the devastation out of the plane’s window as he flew over the affected area, and was grateful for the flight.

The cultural exhibition, titled ‘Know our World’ was put together by a charity called Timor Aid. In a speech, the Prime Minister said how important helpful charities like MAF and Timor Aid are for his country. He said ‘the communities of Suai Camenaça are the roots and the owners of their living cultural heritage… When all of the roots and branches are assembled together, they form one big (cultural) tree which is Timor-Leste.’

He even mentioned his MAF flight on Facebook, he said, ‘It was an exciting experience, and I am looking forward to flying with you again!’


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Christmas Story

Day Nine

‘Quite impressive, those angels,’ Mary said. ‘Have you ever seen one? A real angel?’ Mike asked. ‘You bet! Out of the blue, he came into my kitchen when I was doing my dishes. He just stood there and told me I was going to be the mother of a very special child. It still makes me shiver with excitement when I think about the encounter.’ ‘What did he look like?’ Mike asked. ‘Well, it’s hard to describe. I was so awestruck when he told me my child would be the Son of God that I didn’t really notice all the details.’


Mince Pies

Bake some mince pies of your own to get the Christmas flavour!

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