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A little about Papua...

  • With a population of over 258 million, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Its 17,000-plus islands contain vast areas of swampland and jungle. The largest of these is Borneo.
  • MAF serves the people of Indonesia by employing 18 aircraft. Many people in this part of the world suffer from chronic malaria and malnutrition. MAF provides the only connection to the outside world for around 250 different ethnic groups, hospitals, churches, schools and missions.


Saving Emma Grace

Emma Grace is a happy, energetic seven-year-old girl who has just started the first grade (year 2) at a school in Papua, Indonesia. But when Emma Grace was born, she very nearly died because of the superstitious beliefs of her family and community.

The Moi tribe live in an isolated mountain village and thought Emma Grace should not have been born. Thankfully, the missionaries in the village found Emma Grace just in time to save her life. They kept her safe until she could be with her family again.

Many of the community now believe in Jesus and can see their little girl for who she is - a gift from God!

Emma Grace is now a thriving little girl who loves to play with her friends and go to school. In fact, the school Emma Grace attends is there because many of the building materials were flown in by MAF planes.


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Christmas Story

Day Eight

It was still dark outside when Mary came to wake Mike. Their neighbour had been very kind and had lent Joseph his donkey. The animal was extremely stubborn but at least Mary wouldn’t have to walk the whole way from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Being used to getting from A to B in no time at all, Mike was getting quite bored after a few hours. Mary was half asleep on the donkey’s back and Joseph wasn’t the most talkative of companions. Mike tried several topics but he didn’t contribute much to the conversation. Finally, when they somehow ended up speaking about angels, Mary started to talk. She obviously had a lot to say on the subject.


Bath Fizzers

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