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A little about Bangladesh...

  • With 168 million people, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. There are many factories in the country that produce exports for the West, but the population itself lives in poverty. Natural catastrophes such as floods and violent monsoon rains often strike, bringing a trail of devastation.
  • Bangladesh has over 4,970 miles of rivers, with one-third of the country’s area covered with water, which is why MAF uses amphibious aircraft. Doctors with non-government organisations such as Friendship fly regularly to the three floating hospitals that provide medical care for marginalised communities living along the riverbank.


Dalim's garden to feed her family

Dalim Begum lives in an area of Bangladesh that often floods when the seasonal monsoon rains come. This makes it difficult for Dalim and her neighbours to eat a healthy diet when sometimes their crops are washed away.

A MAF partner, Terre des Hommes (TdH) has come up with a special type of garden that helps keep the plants safe because they are planted higher than the flood water can reach.

Now Dalim has her special garden she can feed her family throughout the year with delicious vegetables. She can also sell them at the market to help pay to send her children to school as well as saving some seeds so she can sow them next year.

‘This garden,’ smiles Dalim, ‘is better than the traditional garden because the compost provides nutrition for the whole garden.’


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Christmas Story

Day Seven

Mike was happy to be of service, and since he had nothing better to do, he asked if he could accompany Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. They gladly accepted his offer. ‘We must be off by dawn,’ Joseph said, before Mike lay down on his makeshift bed. Since he was all giddy with excitement, he had a hard time settling down to rest. Mike was always up for a new adventure, and he sensed that this one would be his greatest so far.


Butternut Squash Soup

This simple but delicious soup is great served with fresh crusty bread, or can be frozen in portions to save for another day.

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