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A little about Nepal...

  • Nepal’s Himalayan mountains, which include Mount Everest, account for eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Due to its craggy landscape, many villages are difficult to access.
  • MAF began operating in Nepal after two devastating earthquakes hit the country in 2015. Using local operator Fishtail Air, MAF flew shelter kits, clean water, food and medical care to 340 destinations. A MAF co-ordinated helicopter took off every 14 minutes during daylight hours, taking help to where it was most needed.


Earthquakes in Nepal

Kumari’s small son plays near one of the temporary shelters hastily constructed to protect the villagers from the wind and rain. She takes us to see what is left of her house and we are greeted with a pile of rubble. Nearly the whole village of around 75 houses was flattened by the second of two earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015.

But despite the hardship and worry she faces, Kumari’s contagious smile brings hope and light to many discouraged people in the village. Kumari is a Christian and it is clear that the hope she bears is not based upon earthly things, but on a vital relationship with God.

She is one of the many amazing people being helped by Compassion for Asia and the other Nepali organisations that worked in the aftermath of the earthquakes to reach their countrymen and women in the remote and hidden corners of Nepal.

The help they brought, which included tarpaulins for shelter and over half a ton of vital food supplies to help the village get back on its feet, arrived on helicopter flights facilitated by MAF.


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Christmas Story

Day Six

Mary and Joseph looked at him with surprise. ‘If only you had your what?’ Joseph asked. Mike blushed. ‘Nothing. It’s just that I am quite a dreamer. Sometimes I imagine flying around in a huge mechanical bird which takes me from one place to another within a few hours.’ Mary chuckled. ‘That would be really nice. But since there will never ever be one of these fantastic birds, we had better start packing. Otherwise we’ll never make it to Bethlehem in time. Would you care to help, Mike?’


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