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A little about Mongolia...

  • Mongolia is a huge country with very little infrastructure. It is six times larger than the UK, but has only three million inhabitants. The climate is harsh and in the winter, temperatures reach as low as -40°C.
  • MAF has been flying relief organisations, churches, the government and teams of local doctors in Mongolia since 2001. It supports people in areas that are otherwise inaccessible by providing rescue and supply flights – allowing them access to the outside world.


Bringing medical care to Mongolia

Anita Owens Rich, the founder of Nurses Heart to Heart (NHTH), went to Mongolia as a nurse to bring a patient to the USA. When asked by a Mongolian nurse to demonstrate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Anita realised that many medical professionals in Mongolia had little knowledge of CPR – and NHTH’s ministry in Mongolia was established.

Anita and her team return to Mongolia every year, visiting new provinces, and giving CPR training to medical staff.

‘Our first stop,’ recalls MAF Pilot Dallas Derksen, ‘was Dalanzadgad – a two-hour flight south of the capital Ulaanbaatar.’ Dallas took photos and helped the team set up and pack away each training session.

When each class ended, the attendees were given a certificate and offered a Mongolian Bible, which many accepted enthusiastically.

‘Before we left each province,’ Dallas explains, ‘the team gave several CPR mannequins and basic medical supplies to each hospital, enabling the staff to practise their skills and teach others.’


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Christmas Story

Day Five

Mary sighed deeply, ‘I wish we could just stay here. But in these uncertain times, it wouldn’t be wise to oppose a Roman commander.’ She patted her round belly lovingly. ‘Looks like you’ll be born in Bethlehem, my little one. Well, at least you’re in good company. After all, our great King David was born there too.’ Mike was sure that Mary and Joseph would make the best of their situation. Still, he was quite upset that two young people who were about to have their first baby were forced to take such a long, arduous trip. ‘If only I had my airplane!’ he blurted out in frustration.


Pumpkin Scones

A seasonal treat, these tasty pumpkin scones would work well for an afternoon tea with a twist!

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