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A little about Kenya...

  • In Kenya, more than 40 ethnic groups communicate in over 50 different languages and dialects. The Maasai are one of these ethnic groups. Many of the Maasai are increasingly exposed to extreme droughts caused by climate change and are desperate for grazing land and water for their cattle – the latter of which is increasingly scarce.
  • Kenya’s refugee camps are a key destination for people fleeing from conflict in neighbouring Somalia and South Sudan. Thankfully, our lifeline provides regular shuttles to Marsabit and surrounding areas, enabling us to fly missionaries and local officials, as well as delivering letters, packages and blood test results to remote areas.


Helping Samuel get to hospital

‘When I saw his feet when he was born, I got scared. I thought he would never walk,’ says Christine, recalling the birth of her son Samuel, now seven years old. ‘But God answered my prayers, God bless MAF.’

Christine and Samuel are flying in a Cessna Grand Caravan back to their home in the remote village of Korr, northern Kenya. They have been at AIC-CURE International Hospital in Kijabe, where Samuel is receiving surgical treatment for bilateral club foot, a condition he was born with.

He’s had six operations since 2011. His left foot has been corrected, and the right is on the way to being straightened. Despite his age, Samuel has become one of MAF Kenya’s ‘frequent flyers’. Christine cannot recall how many times they’ve been on the plane.

Without MAF’s help, Christine knows that Samuel’s future would be bleak – our aircraft providing the only means of getting him to and from hospital to receive treatment. ‘I don’t have much to give, but I give you my prayers,’ says his Samuel’s grateful mother.


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Christmas Story

Day Four

Mike stammered, ‘My name is… er… Mike, and I… er… have… er… actually not the slightest idea how I ended up here in… er… where are we, exactly?’ ‘At the moment, we are still in Nazareth,’ Mary answered. ‘But not much longer,’ Joseph interrupted his wife with a frown. ‘Augustus, the man who owns all the power in Rome, wants us to register so he can count his subjects. That’s why we are supposed to travel to my birth town. Have you got any idea how far it is to Bethlehem? Five days on foot at least, but I expect it will take us twice as long because Mary needs her breaks. How is my wife supposed to travel such a long distance so shortly before the baby is due?’ Joseph was getting quite upset now.


Paper Snowflakes

Make some paper snowflakes to decorate your home for Christmas!

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