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A little about Liberia...

  • Liberia was one of the first independent states of Africa and MAF started its programme there in 2015 with one Cessna Grand Caravan. Mangroves, marshes, and lagoons adorn the coast and regular tropical storms and bad roads make transportation difficult. The UK has over 28,580 miles of paved roads but Liberia has just 408 miles. From 1990 to 2003, civil war shattered a country which, in recent years, has also been haunted by desperate poverty and a terrible epidemic of a disease called Ebola.


Bringing hope to the hopeless

In Liberia, finding hope can be hard for people who’ve had difficult lives due to war and sickness.

Award-winning organisation Waves for Change – are helping stop the fear and stress faced by young people, and making their lives happy again through surfing!

You wouldn’t think kids need encouragement to splash about in the waves – but beliefs in ancient water spirts that live in the sea makes swimming scary!

Waves for Change founder Tim Conibear, wants young people to stop being scared so they can work as fishermen when they grow up if they want to.

Getting to Harper is tricky. If Tim doesn’t fly with MAF it takes him 17 hours in a car - which he says ‘feels like being in a box and being shaken’ and makes everyone feel poorly during the journey.

Waves for Change plans to use MAF whenever they need to travel in Liberia,  so they can feel great when they arrive ready to bring a huge wave of change to children in need of help, hope and healing!


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Christmas Story

Day Twenty Three

In the morning, the visitors rose early. They seemed to be in a gloomy mood. Before they left, Mike overheard one of them saying to Joseph, ‘In our dreams we were warned not to go back to Jerusalem. God told us that Herod is after your son. Take good care of the little one.’ Shortly afterwards, the caravan took off towards the east. ‘What about me? I thought I was supposed to be the finest giraffe at a great king’s court,’ Alpha remarked sadly. ‘You already are at court. A greater king than the one lying in this manger you will never find,’ Mike consoled his friend.


Indulgent Hot Chocolate

Warm yourself up on a cold winter’s night with a luxury festive hot chocolate. Why not give all the dry ingredients to a friend as a Christmas gift?

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