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A little about DRC...

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the largest country in Africa. The Second Congo War (1998-2003) claimed an estimated 5.4 million lives, and rebel groups continue to operate – threatening the security of people living and travelling by road.
  • Because of the conflict, much of the DRC’s infrastructure was destroyed, making travel extremely difficult. MAF has been flying in the DRC for 46 years – our 9 aircraft providing emergency medical airlifts, transporting medicine and evangelistic materials, enabling training events, helping with crisis relief, and improving the lives of people living in remote areas.


Access to medical treatment


Imagine living with an infected wound on your right leg for several months. This was 12-year-old Masha’s story, a girl living in eastern DRC with no access to healthcare. Her wound was so badly infected, if left untreated, she would lose her leg.

Thankfully, MAF was there to fly her to the hospital in Vanga, which has 500 beds, just in time. Through MAF, the hospital receives medicines, equipment and patients, and has an internet connection thanks to a special V-Sat dish, allowing doctors to talk to specialists throughout the world.

Using the internet, the doctors helping Masha could send her x-rays to a specialist in America giving her the best chance of saving her leg – which they did.

God is using both aircraft and internet to save the lives of those with no access to healthcare and treatment they need. Through MAF, Masha has a chance to live a happy life with both feet!


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Christmas Story

Day Twenty Two

‘Tomorrow we’ll have to go back to Jerusalem,’ one of the visitors said. ‘Even the great King Herod wants to come and honour your son.’ ‘And I am King Herod’s present,’ Alpha whispered. ‘You’re going to the King’s court? Wow, that’s amazing,’ Mike said. ‘It’s because I’m a first-class giraffe,’ Alpha said, beaming with pride. They all had a late night. The visitors told a lot of exciting stories, and of course everyone tried to spot the special star in the night sky. Despite their inexperience, it wasn’t hard to find the one that was shining even brighter than all the other ones.


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