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A little about Angola...

  • When Angola was in the middle of a vicious civil war in 1989, MAF began providing support for missions, NGOs and churches. The 27-year war ended in 2002 with the loss of 1.5 million lives and 4 million displaced people. During this time, an estimated 10 million landmines were laid in the country. Today, MAF partners such as HALO are helping to remove these landmines – improving the lives of 21.47 million Angolans; many of whom rely on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods. With some of the world’s worst health outcomes and less than 2 doctors per 10,000 people, MAF is multiplying the ministry of medical partners such as Kalukembe Mission Hospital by flying doctors into remote areas.


Recovering from war

A charity called The HALO Trust began working in Angola in 1994, 5 years after MAF started flying there. Their mission is to find landmines – bombs that are hidden in the ground by rebels and war soldiers – and make it safe for people living nearby. Landmines are really dangerous. If someone steps on them, they will blow up and could kill or injure anyone nearby.

The HALO Trust work in rural communities where local people pass through minefields to collect water and firewood and could step on a landmine at any moment.

So far, The HALO Trust have cleared 92,000 landmines and over 800 minefields - approximately half of the total in Angola. Once the land is cleared, it can be used for farming, wildlife parks, and tourism, which is great for the local community.

MAF’s Country Director Jez Simpson says, ‘Angola is quite simply beautiful and enabling the development of tourism would bring in much-needed hard cash to the rural communities.’

Earlier in this year, Prince Harry said he wanted to support the ‘Landmine Free 2025’ campaign, launched 20 years after his mum, Princess Diana, walked the Huambo minefield in Angola. She helped make people learn more about how dangerous landmines really are.


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Christmas Story

Day Twenty One

‘How do you know that Jesus is a king?’ Mike wanted to know. The eldest of the men began to explain. ‘Night after night, we observe the stars in the sky. One night, a special star appeared. This kind of star only shines when a mighty king is born. So we got on our way to find Him.’ In Jerusalem, where the star had led the men, nobody was able to answer their questions about the newborn King. Only after consulting the Scriptures did the scholars at King Herod’s court realise that the birth must have taken place in Bethlehem.


Shrimp Coconut Curry

This dish, typically made with fresh coconuts, is served with xima, a corn flour or cassava flour base traditional to Mozambique.

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