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A little about Tanzania...

  • Tanzania, a country located on the east coast of Africa, is famous for many things. Tourists flock to see the mass migration of wildebeest that takes place annually in the Serengeti National Park. You may have heard of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (5,895m) or the indigenous Maasai people who inhabit the vast northern areas?
  • But sadly away from the tourist attractions people are struggling to make ends meet. 80% of the poorest people in Tanzania live not in towns, but in remote villages without access to the basic necessities of life. Through MAF’s three aircraft hope, help and healing are arriving into a network of dusty airstrips giving villages regular access to medical clinic teams and evangelists.


Jarkko / Jericho

Dabia is an isolated, rural village in the Kilimatinde region of Tanzania. In some ways, progress is happening fast. The village is hurtling into the 21st century with its first Internet connection. But mobile networks connect people where there are still no roads. The severe lack of medical care in Tanzania provides a stark contrast to the rapid growth of digital technology.

The monthly mobile clinics that MAF enables are making a real difference to the village with no medical services at all. Mothers walk a very long way, carrying their children for many miles through the bush to attend the clinics.

As well as flying the plane MAF Pilot Jarkko Korhonen, from Finland, also rolls up his sleeves to help with the ministry. One mother, impressed by the way Jarkko had led baptism and communion services in Dabia, decided to name her son after him!

What a privilege! She needed a little help with the spelling but soon the child’s full name officially became Jarkko Festo Laban!


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Christmas Story

Day Twenty

They would have to wait for the giraffe’s answer because there were so many exciting things to be seen. Mike and Foxtrot watched in amazement as the mighty men kneeled by the manger, adoring the little baby who slept soundly throughout the commotion. They presented Mary and Joseph with precious gifts. Gold, incense and myrrh – invaluable treasures for simple people like Mary and Joseph. ‘Thank you. But… but… I… I cannot accept this,’ Joseph stammered, but the men insisted. ‘This child is a great king and we will not be denied the honour of giving Him what He is worthy of!’


Paper Plate Angels

A fun, easy craft activity using things you find around the house. The angels can be decorated and personalised for that added element of creativity!

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