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A little about South Sudan...

  • South Sudan is a land of expansive grassland, swamps and tropical rainforest straddling both banks of the White Nile. It is the world’s newest country, having only existed since 2011.
  • Civil war has been troubling the region for decades. Today, five million people are affected by the food crisis. Although the country is rich in oil, South Sudan’s economy is one of the least developed in the world. MAF supports relief organisations with its aircraft, enabling refugees to receive medical care, food and water.


Reaching the Lariim people

Charlie Brown is a pioneering, practical missionary and a big inspiration to MAF’s pilots in South Sudan. Serving with World Mission in Kimatong, he builds homes for long-term Africa Inland Mission teams serving the unreached Lariim people.

Because the internet is poor, Charlie didn’t even know if the MAF plane was coming as scheduled. He couldn’t check emails, nor could he let his family know he was okay. He lives simply, eating rice and beans and living in a tent.

The building project had been delayed because transporting materials along the treacherous roads is extremely challenging. Supplies have been lost to bandits and three people killed. Charlie, along with 20 villagers, cleared the way for an airstrip to open in Kimatong to make travelling safer and easier.

Alongside the construction, Charlie’s work with World Mission involves distributing small, solar-powered MP3 players with Scripture on it in the Laarim language to help spread the Gospel among Kimatong’s people. He puts aside his own comforts so this people group will come to know Christ.


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Christmas Story

Day Two

‘I think I like you best, Mary,’ Mike murmured. ‘The look in your eyes is so courageous.’ Suddenly, Mary was no longer small and made of wood, but tall and very much alive. She seemed to be surprised by something. ‘Joseph, did you hear that noise? I think I heard someone speak.’ Joseph, no longer a wooden figurine but instead a stout young man, shrugged his shoulders. ‘I didn’t hear a sound. But I’ve got so used to all sorts of incredible things happening that I wouldn’t be surprised if another angel came to see us,’ he joked. Mike laughed out loud.


Star decoration

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