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A little about Madagascar...

  • Madagascar is located to the east of South Africa. It is one of the world’s poorest islands, the fourth largest, and has abundant and biologically diverse fauna and flora.
  • The people speak Malagasy and French.
  • More than 30% of its population has to walk for more than two hours to see a doctor. MAF is helping to reduce this problem by flying Malagasy doctors on week-long safaris to communities that have no other healthcare. MAF also flies food and Bibles to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs.


A life changing operation

A cleft lip meant little Rosella couldn’t eat, talk or even smile like the other girls.  No-one could help Rosella in the remote community of Bekadoka where she lived with her mum and dad. It looked like she would have to live with her condition.

That was until a team from Mercy Ships team came to her village and looked at Rosella. They knew that they could help so they arranged for her and her mum to fly to a special hospital ship docked in a port city on Madagascar’s east coast.

Rosella needed to get bigger and stronger before the doctors could do the surgery, but as soon as she was well enough the operation was performed and Rosella and her mother were soon on their way back home in the MAF plane.

Rosella’s father was waiting on the dusty airstrip for the plane to arrive. He had walked for five hours to meet the plane and was so happy to see that his heart’s desire had been fulfilled - his little girl’s lips had been restored.


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Day 19

Christmas Story

Day Nineteen

After the shepherd’s visit, the little family got a few days of rest. Mary appreciated Mike’s help with the baby, especially when Joseph had to go to town to register in the census. Foxtrot had stayed with Mike. ‘It’s much easier to get some food here,’ he explained. One day at dusk he started to sniff nervously. ‘I smell camels,’ he said. ‘Camels? We’re not in the desert,’ Mike objected, but shortly afterwards a caravan approached. Men in richly ornamented clothes sat on the camels’ backs, and at the end of the train, Mike and Foxtrot made out an old acquaintance. ‘Alpha! What brings you here?’ they greeted their friend, the giraffe.


Gingerbread Stained Glass Cookies

For a funky Christmas spin on traditional gingerbread men, try our recipe for stained-glass cookies. Super easy to make and very cool to look at, these cookies are sure to go down a festive treat!

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