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A little about Mozambique...

  • Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony and stretches along the coast of the Indian Ocean in the southeast of Africa. The country is over 3 times the size of the UK and has roughly 28 million inhabitants.
  • Vanquished by numerous wars, Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. This vast land only has about 1,988 miles of paved roads, with the other roads barely passable. Like other programmes, MAF provides resources for schools, missions, hospitals and churches, and brings life-saving medical personnel to the country’s most isolated areas.


Translating and transporting the Bible

John Iseminger, from The Seed Company, has been involved with the translation of the Bible into the Koti language for the last 20 years. While he doesn’t always get to fly with MAF, he appreciates it when he does. ‘It’s the best way to get around,’ he explains. ‘It’s time efficient. It’s cost efficient.’

MAF starting flying in Mozambique shortly after John arrived. He says trying to do a language survey and mapping out the area was difficult. ‘One of the questions that the mappers would ask us was, “Where’s the border? Where does this language group end and where does the other one start?”

‘Well, all we had to do was get up in the air!’ says John. ‘Flying has really helped to get perspective and see what people are living with and dealing with. You can’t see that stuff on the ground.’

The Koti language New Testament should be completed in two years’ time – a major achievement for John’s translation team. Once it’s finished, MAF will no doubt be asked to carry a very special cargo to the Koti.


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Christmas Story

Day Eighteen

Later in the day, the rough men left, singing and praising God all the way. Mary and Joseph were amazed by what had happened. Time and again Mary said, ‘How can it be that simple people like you and I are called to be parents of the Son of God?’ ‘And how can it be that a simple boy like me can travel through time to be part of this wonderful story?’ Mike wondered aloud, but neither Mary nor Joseph heard his question because little Jesus was hungry and demanded to be fed.


Jam Jar Lanterns

Use colourful tissue paper, glue and decorations to jazz up old jam jars to make amazing Christmas lanterns. Give any room a special touch with these lanterns lit on the cold dark evenings this Advent!

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