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A little about Lesotho...

  • Lesotho is a small country in the mountains of South Africa. Of its 2 million inhabitants, 40% live with less than 1.25 Swiss francs per day. It is the only country in the world that is only over 1,000m above sea level. With 23% of the population affected, Lesotho has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection.
  • MAF helps provide people with access to food, medicine and other vital services, and provides medical care to the 12 rural health centres. Together with the communities of the remote villages, MAF builds relationships, shares the Good News, and encourages the stewardship of remote airstrips.


Maintaining windsocks

Socks don’t last forever. They become threadbare, toes stick out, and they need to be replaced – a simple task. Replacing windsocks is not quite as easy.

Across Lesotho, windsocks fly high above remote airstrips. They provide MAF pilots with information about wind speed and direction. This is particularly important in Lesotho because of the strong winds from across the treeless mountains; winds that can prevent planes taking off or landing safely.

Windsocks at MAF airstrips throughout the world frequently need replacing – a challenging task! But MAF staff are doing something to make this a little easier. Instead of climbing the poles to reach them, they are having the windsocks come to them, by adding a hinge to the base of the pole so it can be folded. The sock can be replaced and raised back into position, saving valuable time.

To see this process in action, check out the short video of this device being installed at Kuebunyane, filmed by Joshua Cowles.


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Christmas Story

Day Seventeen

Foxtrot continued: ‘The angel told the shepherds that the saviour of the world had just been born. They would find a tiny baby wrapped in cloths, sleeping in a manger in Bethlehem.’ Mike was amazed at the detail with which the angel had described everything. ‘Come with me, you have to see him! He’s so cute,’ Mike said. ‘Let me finish my story, then I’ll gladly have a look at him,’ Foxtrot said. ‘When the angel was gone, all of a sudden there was a huge crowd of angels. They sang; a heavenly sound beyond all description. I completely forgot that I had come in search of food, and followed the shepherds when they set off to find the baby.


Chocolate and coconut samosas

These indulgent treats are a favourite of Bako Ranarivelo, our Finance Manager in Madagascar!

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