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A little about Brazil...

  • Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world in terms of area and population. The Amazon region is the largest jungle area in the world.
  • Apart from its natural beauty, the country unfortunately suffers tragic floods. It’s therefore important that MAF uses amphibious aircraft because many of the landing sites are underwater and the people often live on the river. One of the dangers to look out for are the tree trunks lying in the water that can easily damage the fin of a plane.


Flying Bibles to Brazil

Pilots Wilson and Andrew flew to several different Amazon tribes to deliver Bible materials that Andrew had printed in the city of Bogota. These beautiful, sturdy books are filled from cover to cover with flash card pictures of Bible stories from Genesis to the life and ministry of Jesus and will be used to reach 18 different Indian groups.

But when Andrew set out to print this material, he didn’t know where to go. He prayed, asking God for guidance, and headed down the street. Spotting a church sign on a building that was under construction, he felt God prompting him to go in. Inside, Andrew met a couple of cleaning ladies who invited him to meet the pastor.

After a short time of fellowship, the pastor told Andrew about his brother-in-law’s print shop, right down the street. Not only did the print shop do a beautiful job producing the resources, they also covered half the printing costs, then paid to have the boxes delivered by plane and then boat! How amazing God is!


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Christmas Story

Day Sixteen

‘Last night I was on the hunt. Hoping to find a treat, I approached the shepherd’s camp,’ the fox explained. ‘I was almost there when all of a sudden a bright light blinded my excellent night vision. There was a human… well, actually he wasn’t really a human, rather some sort of a creature… a bit like…’ ‘An angel?’ Mike suggested. ‘Right, an angel! That’s what the shepherds called the creature. Boy, were they scared, those strong men!’ ‘And you? Not a trace of fear?’ Mike teased. ‘Not a trace.’ Mike raised his eyebrows. ‘Well, maybe a tad…’ the fox admitted.


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