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A little about Ecuador...

  • The Ecuadorian jungle is the home of the Waodani tribe who are infamous for the killings of five American missionaries in 1956, including MAF Pilot Nate Saint. Today, MAF continues providing vital support to NGOs ministering throughout the country and allows isolated people to receive the Gospel along with life-sustaining resources. The country lacks a national communications infrastructure, and all-weather roads are practically non-existent. Around 39% of all MAF flights are medically related – including those carried out for the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, which sends healthcare teams into the jungle to provide rural health education programmes.


60 years flying to the Ecuadorian rainforest


During 1955, MAF Pilot Nate Saint flew four fellow missionaries over the Ecuadorian rainforest to make contact with the Auca – now known as the Waodani. They dropped gifts from the aircraft and shouted, ‘We like you. We are friends!’

After exchanging gifts and messages for several weeks, Nate landed, and they waited for the Waodani. After three days, three Waodani appeared and joined them. One of them wanted to fly in the plane, so Nate flew ‘George’ over his village. The missionaries praised God for the meeting.

In early January 1956, Nate landed again. The Waodani were hiding and, when the plane landed, they attacked Nate and his friends. But God intended this tragedy for good (Genesis 50:20).

A few years later, Nate’s sister Rachel and her friend Elisabeth (whose husband had also lost his life that sad day) were invited to settle among the Waodani; sharing the Gospel and teaching about forgiveness.

60 years later, the work of these five martyrs continues. A third of the Waodani have been baptised, and meet weekly for Bible study and prayer.


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Christmas Story

Day Fifteen

The quiet in the stable didn’t last long. At break of dawn, they heard the murmur of men and the noisy bleating of sheep outside. When Joseph went to investigate the noise, he found a group of not particularly clean shepherds on the doorstep. ‘We’ve come to see the saviour,’ one of them explained, and they all scrambled towards the small entrance. ‘Whoa, slow down a moment,’ Joseph said. ‘Who are you and what do you want from us?’ The shepherds began to tell their story but Mike didn’t listen. In the midst of the sheep, he recognised someone he knew all too well, someone with bright red fur. ‘Foxtrot? What brings you here?’ he cried with surprise.


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