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A little about Suriname...

  • Suriname has a tiny population of only 585,824 people. Located at the top of South America and bordered by Brazil and French Guyana, 85 percent of Suriname is forested making it one of the world’s greatest remaining wildernesses! This makes it is a great place to see wildlife including leatherback turtles, monkeys, parrots and toucans - but also a tough place to live for many isolated indigenous communities.
  • MAF flights provide vital help in times of emergency and enable doctors to provide medical care in the country's interior, where road travel is difficult and the villages are hard to reach. One of these flights, carrying a woman in labour and a midwife landed with more passengers than its took off with- when the baby was delivered mid-flight!


Building in the Rainforst

The world's rainforests are home to thousands of unique plants and animals, like monkeys, butterflies and huge, slimy bugs. To keep the colourful wildlife alive, a special conservation team fly in MAF’s planes to a jungle village called Kwamalasamatu in Suriname.

Suriname is a country north of Brazil, on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. The villagers in Kwamalasamatu are building a new community centre for the village, which is built using special wood from the Kwapwei tree and Tassi leaves which are woven together to create a roof. Sadly, rainforest clearance means that Tassi leaves are becoming hard to find.

The conservation team are helping the community find new places where Tassi still grows so they can preserve and refill stocks! Thanks to MAF and the conservation team, the Kwamalasamatu people can keep up their special cultural practices in the Surinamese rainforest.


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Christmas Story

Day Fourteen

Mike couldn’t stop looking at the fragile little thing. Like all babies he had cried at first but now he lay peacefully in the manger, with tiny fists next to his soft head. He didn’t mind the homely surroundings he was born into. As long as his mummy was nearby, the world was a safe place to him. ‘Dear little Jesus, how wonderful that you’re here,’ Mike whispered, and caressed his chubby cheeks. Mary, who had fallen into a light slumber, opened her eyes: ‘So true. How wonderful that you’re here, my sweet little gift of God.’ Then she went back to sleep.


Salt Dough Ornaments

Let your creativity run wild with these salt dough tree ornaments, which can be shaped and decorated however you’d like! If you’re feeling brave, why not try making a salt dough nativity scene instead?

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