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A little about Haiti...

  • Since 1986, MAF has enabled the work and maximised the effectiveness of Christian workers and agencies in Haiti. MAF flies 3 aircraft, servicing over 14 airstrips from our base in Port-au-Prince. Haiti, which is in the Caribbean, west of the Dominican Republic, has suffered many hurricanes. In 2010, it was struck in by a terrible earthquake that claimed 300,000 lives. With the lowest standard of living in the western hemisphere, 80% of Haiti’s 8 million people live in poverty and hopelessness.


Cliff's Story

Cliff is a 12-year-old boy living in Haiti. Cliff’s home was destroyed in October 2016 by a huge hurricane which swept through the country, making thousands of people homeless and very, very sad. ‘It is very hard for me… I was very scared,’ said Cliff. ‘Every time a hurricane has hit Haiti, water hasn’t come inside the house. This time, water came inside the house, and everything was wet.’

The whole of Cliff’s family faced the same sadness and fear, everyone’s houses had been ruined. ‘They need materials and metal roofing to cover the houses. In order to cover the houses, they need sheet wood, plywood and nails,’ Cliff explained.

Despite the sadness Cliff and his relatives were feeling, Cliff was an amazing help to his village. While his school was closed, Cliff cycled three miles to help a charity called HERO, and ran small errands there. He’s also enjoyed hanging out with their team. They called him ‘Little Man’!

MAF was also able to help people like Cliff after the hurricane, by flying food, medicine and clean water using little planes and helicopters. Lots of people who had lost their homes were really grateful for MAF’s help.


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Christmas Story

Day Thirteen

After the sixth fruitless enquiry, Mike almost burst with anger. ‘Can’t you see that a baby is about to be born?’ he cried when yet another hostess told him that there was no room at the inn. ‘Don’t you worry your little head off,’ the hostess said, trying to calm Mike. ‘If it’s her first baby it’s going to take its time.’ But as soon as she had finished her sentence, Mary cried out in pain. ‘Well, maybe this baby is faster than I assumed,’ the woman said. ‘I can let you stay in my stable. It’s nothing special, but at least you’ll be safe and warm.’ So the Son of God was born in a humble stable.


Mango Chutney

This simple chutney tastes great with curry and chapattis. This would also make an excellent Christmas gift - use pretty jars and add fabric, ribbon and a label over the lids to make extra special!

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