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A little about Mexico...

  • What you may not know about Mexico is that apart from well-known luxury resorts such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, there are also many isolated and poverty-stricken regions. Settlements are often without clean drinking water, sewerage, electricity and medical care.
  • MAF operates in Mexico as affiliate Alas De Socorro Mexico (ADSM). Three aircraft fly to 18 locations in and around the Sierra Sur Mountains where indigenous beliefs persist. A third of the 1,000-plus flights carried out each year by ADSM are for medevacs.


Flying with Betty Greene

MAF’s first ever pilot in 1946 was a woman: 25-year-old Betty Greene. Betty flew during the Second World War as a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) but training to be an MAF pilot was a steep learning curve.

In her first MAF flight, Betty flew a ‘beautiful red 1933 four-seater Waco Cabin Biplane with a 220 horsepower Continental engine’ from California to Mexico. She was helping Wycliffe Bible Translators to convert the Bible into local languages – it was the first of many flights that MAF now does across the world to help people understand the Good News of Jesus in their own language.

Betty went on to fly with MAF for 16 years and served in 12 different countries. She made over 4,640 flights in total, delivering missionaries, VIPs and cargo to remote corners of the world and flew many life-saving evacuations for patients who could have died without her help.

In Mexico today, MAF flies under the name of ‘Alas de Socorro de Mexico’ for the mountain people in areas which are really difficult to get to by road. Today, MAF is looking for a new generation of female pilots to follow in Betty’s footsteps.


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Christmas Story

Day Twelve

After a seemingly endless journey, the trio finally arrived in Bethlehem. The streets were bustling with locals running errands and getting bargains at the market. And then there were all the travellers who had come with the same purpose as Mary and Joseph. There was almost no way of getting through the narrow lanes, and now of all times Mary uttered nervously, ‘Joseph, I think the baby’s about to come.’ Mike ran off to find an inn while Joseph stood by his wife. He knocked at many doors but the answer was always the same: ‘Sorry child, we’re fully booked.’


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