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What did we pick up during today’s journey?

Day 11

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Day 1

This is a story about a plane
That travelled to and fro –
Collecting friends and special gifts,
For a King born years ago.

The plane was flown by pilot Mike,
An adventurer at heart.
He flew his plane for MAF,
A charity doing its part.

So jump on board this adventure tale –
Just imagine what you’ll see.
We’re counting down to Christmas
And there’s space for you and me!

With a front row seat, you’re in for a treat,
Are you ready…? Off we go!

Mike was in the pilot’s seat,
Checking things were good to go,
When suddenly he heard a noise,
His vision was all aglow!

Rubbing his eyes, he looked about,
To see a very strange sight,
Ahead of him lay darkness,
With just one very bright light.

‘Right!’ cried Mike, ‘I’ll follow the star!’
And he expertly flew the plane,
When all of a sudden, a runway appeared,
So down the aircraft came.

Touching down, in a wintery scene,
The little plane finally stopped.
Mike opened the door to a howling wind;
Into deep, wet snow he dropped.

From what looked like an igloo-house,
A smiling man came out.
Clutching a box with a merry grin,
‘Welcome to Mongolia!’ came the shout.

‘Here’s our gift for the Christmas babe,
Make sure that you’re not late!
For Christ is born in Bethlehem
– And here’s our present in this crate.

‘Now hurry on, friend, go follow that star,
You know there’s no time to lose.
You’ve got our box of children’s gifts
– Go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 2

Back in the air, Mike saw the star
Shine brightly above his plane,
And suddenly he saw below,
A place to land again!

But this time the landing didn’t appear
Quite as bumpy as before.
In fact, there was no tarmac at all,
It was water near a shore!

Opening the door, Mike could see
A large and sturdy float.
Now his little MAF plane
Could travel like a boat!

Swimming over, came a friendly man,
With something in his net.
He’d been fishing, and had come to give
A gift for Mike’s cargo set.

‘Here’s a crab, she’s a delicate thing –
You’ve landed in Bangladesh.
We don’t have much, but we wanted to bring
A gift that’s tasty and fresh!’

Before Mike could argue, the man jumped up
And the crab ran into the crate.
Closing the door and swimming away,
The man shouted without stopping to wait:

‘Now hurry on, friend, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
You’ve got a delicious local crab –
Go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 3

Back in the cockpit, Mike started the plane,
Wondering where next to land,
But it seemed the brightly shining star
Would lend a helping hand!

Airborne now, and down below,
The land looked lush and green;
A tropical isle with clean, white sand,
The most beautiful he’d seen!

Mike looked around for someone to ask
Where he might find a gift.
But then he saw a big, strong man,
With a sack that was heavy to lift.

‘Greetings friend, you’re welcome here
On the island of Kalimantan –
We’re recovering slowly but wanted to give
The King the best gift we can.

‘This heavy load is our favourite food,
Rice noodles to be sure.
He might be little, but when He’s big,
He’ll like them more and more!

‘Now hurry on, friend, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
You’ve got some noodles for a gift –
Go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 4

A moment later, the plane took off –
Up, up and high above.
Mike worked the dials to follow the star,
He was guided by God’s love.

Down below lay more white sand,
A new island to explore.
But as Mike’s plane began to descend,
He could see the people were poor.

Tiny shacks and barefoot children
Were playing in the street,
‘They’re all so thin,’ Mike sadly thought;
There wasn’t enough to eat.

Jumping down from his trusty plane,
Mike was greeted with warm, wide smiles.
But the ladies there all looked so tired –
They must have walked for miles.

‘Greetings Mike, we knew you’d come
By following the star so bright.
The quickest way to reach us
Is to get here by MAF flight!

‘Here’s our offering brought to you
For the newborn baby King.
One of these chicks can save the lives
Of a family that’s struggling.

‘One egg each day is all you need
To make you big and strong.
So this tiny yellow, fluffy chick
Will help when the journey’s long.

‘Farewell Mike, from Timor-Leste,
We hope our gift will amaze.
And when you see the new-born king,
Please give our love and praise

‘Now hurry on, friend, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
With a chick in tow, you’re good to go –
Go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 5

At the next airstrip not one or two,
But a huge group of local folk –
Came dancing up towards the plane,
Led by a funny looking bloke.

These joyful villagers were a colourful bunch,
Wearing costumes made of grass.
And at the front, Mike saw a gift
Being carried oh so fast!

‘We greet you Mike from our highland tribe,’
Said the man who seemed in charge.
‘You’ve landed in sunny Papua,
And our gift today’s quite large!

‘It squeals a lot and likes to eat’
So be careful where you sit.
It’s a pig you see – a marvellous pig
For a King it’s oh, so fit!’

Without instruction, the procession stopped
And revealed a squealing boar,
Who nestled inside Mike’s open crate
As they firmly shut the door.

Mike had no chance to disagree,
As the people turned to leave.
So he climbed inside his MAF plane,
This adventure was hard to believe.

‘Now hurry on, friend,’ said the smiling man,
‘There’s not a moment to lose.
Watch that boar doesn’t squash the chick –
Go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 6

Descending again so very soon,
Mike saw forests and mountain peak.
The land below was far away,
It’s beauty quite unique.

Then all of a sudden, a tiny strip,
Of what was clearly grass,
Appeared out of thick rainforest trees:
A place to land at last!

Holding the chick nice and tight,
Mike jumped onto the ground.
More locals dressed in grassy skirts
Were dancing all around!

‘Mike, you’re here – we’ve walked for miles
To come and greet your plane.
We know you’re flying following the star
To take gifts and praise His Name!

‘Here’s a bag of very small trees,
Which are of value to us all.
If you plant the lot in soil,
You’ll have oranges growing tall!

‘Now we send you off with our respect
To the babe in Bethlehem.
From the highlands of Papua New Guinea,
To this King who’ll save all men.

‘So hurry on, friend,’ they waved and danced,
‘There’s not a moment to lose.
Plant these safe and watch them grow –
Go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 7

Mike wondered if he could really cope
With more creatures on this ride.
The plane swooped down towards dry land –
Australia, he spied!

Landing on a dusty strip,
Right beside the sea,
Mike realised just how hungry he was
And how he’d love a cup of tea!

But before our friend could look for food,
A tall man wandered near,
All dressed in white, he waved to Mike,
A dentist, it was clear.

‘G’dday, Mike, and welcome to Oz –
Arnhem Land’s the name of this place.
The people here are very remote,
They rarely see a new face.

‘There’s so few schools and hospitals,
I travel by MAF plane.
To check their teeth and make them smile,
Then MAF flies me home again.

‘But today I’m here for a longer trip,
I’ve heard you’d be the one –
To take me on to see the King,
The one they call God’s Son!

‘I’d like to pay Him my respects
And help you on the way.
I’ve got some tea and sandwiches,
Let’s take off without delay!

Jumping up into the plane,
Without a moment left to lose,
The dentist strapped in next to Mike,
‘Let’s go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 8

Mike felt glad to have a friend
Who had brought along some food,
And was grateful for a helping hand;
Someone to share the Christmas mood!

Coming in to land again,
Just before it started to rain,
The runway here was nice and clear,
With plenty of room for Mike’s plane.

‘Here we are in Mareeba Airport,
Where MAF fixes some of its planes.
So the aircraft travel far and wide
To help those feeling pain.’

The dentist jumped from Mike’s MAF plane,
And picked up a heavy box,
Which was handed to him not by a man
But by a friendly fox!

The fox exclaimed, ‘Thanks for the lift,
I’m coming to see the King.
I don’t mind sitting inside your crate,
Fixing aircraft is my thing!’

Without further ado, the fox bounced up
Strapping down his big tool box,
Never before had Mike imagined
He’d be talking to a fox!

‘So what’s your name?’ Mike finally asked
As the fox joined their merry band –
‘Foxtrot,’ he said, ‘I’m an engineer!’
And he proudly shook Mike’s hand.

‘Now let’s go, friends,’ Foxtrot cried,
‘There’s not a moment to lose.
We’re back on course to Bethlehem –
Let’s go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 9

As Mike flew on, he wondered if,
This adventure was just a dream.
With crabs and pigs – and a talking fox,
What did it really mean?

The journey, it seemed, would be quite long,
So Mike had the time to ask
Some questions of his passengers;
Sharing tea from the dentist’s flask.

‘It’s a mystery,’ Foxtrot replied,
Nibbling a sandwiched filled with ham,
‘But we heard the babe in Bethlehem
Is part of God’s rescue plan.

‘He’s sent His Son to save the earth –
To end sadness and our pain –
And a big bright star would lead us there,
And we’d be flown inside a plane!’

At that moment, a runway appeared
As Mike thought about this ‘plan’,
And he suddenly saw the smiling face
Of a friendly Mexican man.

‘Hola, amigo,’ the young man cried,
But his face was rather sad,
Because a lady on a stretcher beside him
Was in pain that was really bad.

‘We’re glad you’re here, she’s very ill,
You must take her to the King!
The baby born in Bethlehem,
Will heal her from within.’

‘Now fly, my friends,’ the Mexican cried,
‘There’s not a moment to lose,
We know this patient will be healed –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 10

Mike thought of God as he flew the plane
And so he began to pray.
He talked to the Lord as the ground appeared,
‘Be with us Father, today.’

Landing again, so far from home,
Mike recognised a place he’d seen
On his TV set, as he’d watched the news,
A place where an earthquake had been.

‘Haiti,’ said the dentist,
‘These people need your plane,
To help the ones who lost their homes
And must start over again.’

Walking towards them came a group
Carrying what looked like a tent,
And Mike noticed just how poor they were
And how much their gift had meant.

‘A shelter for the baby Jesus,
We heard He has no home.
A stable’s where this King is born,
With just a roof and hay alone.

‘May this tent of ours be what He needs
As He travels far and wide,
Telling people of God’s love,
With the Spirit as His guide.

‘Now hurry on, Mike, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
Add this tent to your cargo set –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 11

Flying south, Mike knew he could trust
The star to lead the way,
To collect lots of lovely cargo gifts
To deliver on Christmas Day.

With others on board to help him out
Mainly keeping the creatures apart,
Mike was really enjoying the Christmas ride
And felt joy inside his heart!

‘Look, we’re landing,’ Foxtrot said,
In a voice that was loud and strong,
And at the airstrip, they could hear,
Children burst into a song.

‘Hola, Mike and Foxtrot too,
Bienviendo, welcome here!
We’re the children of Ecuador
And we’ve come from far and near.

‘To bring our gifts for the baby King,
We sent word from school to school,
As we know He might not have the chance
To learn just like us all.

‘So here’s some books, paper and pens,
Which the little King can use.
Growing up, He’ll learn many things
As He tells of God’s Good News!’

With that, the children added their gifts
To Mike’s now half-full crate,
Then skipped along and gave a wave,
‘Hurry off, now don’t be late!

‘Quick now, Mike, follow that star,
There’s not a moment to lose.
These school supplies are fit for a King –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 12

Leaving Ecuador far behind,
The little plane travelled east
Across rainforests and mountain tops,
It was beautiful to say the least!

In the back of the plane the pig rolled about,
In the plane’s side he made a dent,
‘I can fix it!’ Foxtrot called.
With his goggles and tools, off he went.

While Foxtrot played with nuts and bolts,
The others spied some groups
Emerging from rainforest trees,
They were shouting joyous whoops!

‘We’ve been waiting for you, pilot Mike,
Welcome here to Suriname.
We’d like to add to your cargo gifts,
And pray you’ll all stay calm.

‘Your plane will be fixed in no time at all,
But in the meantime, let us say,
That God is with you by His Word
And here’s one to take today.’

Just as they loaded a Bible inside,
Foxtrot jumped up and cheered,
‘Our little plane is as good as new,
The problem has disappeared.’

Shutting the door and starting to wave,
The locals gave a cheer,
‘Farewell,’ they cried, ‘Now off you go,
And remember not to fear!

‘The King is waiting, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
May the Bible guide you as you fly –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 13

Heading south, Mike decided
To look in the Bible and read.
He turned to a book called Isaiah –
The words were beautiful indeed.

‘For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given.’
Those verses are about our King,
Towards Him MAF’s plane is driven.

The dentist agreed – he knew a lot –
What he said had made Mike pause.
Christmas now meant so much more
Than trees and Santa Claus.

Landing again in a jungle land,
Mike wondered what they’d find.
But this time just one boy was there.
Had he left his friends behind?

‘Hello Mike, Foxtrot and friends,
I’ve been waiting for this day.
I’m coming on your journey too,
It’s an honour, I must say!

‘For I’ve been learning so very hard
To be a pilot, just like you.
I’ve come to see the King of kings
And be part of your air crew!’

Without waiting a moment more,
The boy put his bag in the crate
And took the seat by pilot Mike –
Another pair of hands would be great!

‘Hurry now, Mike, we must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
I’m your co-pilot from Brazil –
Let’s go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 14

From Brazil, the flight was long
And Mike felt his tummy rumble.
But thankfully his new co-pilot
Had brought food in from the jungle!

Munching fruit and strange red bugs,
They fed the animals too.
Mike was amazed the chick was safe
And the pig was now calm as they flew!

Finally, dry land again,
And an airstrip soon appears,
But it was so close to the water’s edge
Mike quickly changed the gears!

His co-pilot checked the landing kit
And the pair were in control.
‘I think this is Liberia,
Watch out for that great pot hole!’

Climbing out onto the landing strip,
Rain was in the air.
Mike was sad it looked so poor,
So he offered up a prayer.

Just then a little man appeared,
Carrying cards of many sizes.
They’d all been made so lovingly,
Covered in hearts and other surprises..

‘Here’s our love and greetings too,
From the people of this land.
We don’t have much to give the King,
But these cards are made by hand!

‘Now hurry on, Mike, please send our praise,
There’s not a moment to lose.
I’ll stow these cards safe in your crate –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 15

Back in the air, Mike prayed again,
Because the patient was so sad.
She was crying softly in the back,
Her pain was very bad.

‘We must land soon, we need some help,’
Mike heard the dentist say,.
And thankfully, below the star,
Appeared a small runway.

Landing gently beside a river,
A man came running near.
Praise God, he looked like a doctor,
So Mike gave a hearty cheer!

‘Hello, sir!’ shouted Mike,
‘You must have heard my prayer.
We’ve got a patient who needs help,
She’s given us quite a scare!’

‘Greetings Mike, you’re just in time,
Angola’s the name of this land.
I’ve been sent to help you out,
And offer you a hand.

‘If there’s a space, I’ll sit inside
Your special Christmas crate.
I’ll treat the patient as we fly.
But there isn’t time to wait!

‘Let’s go, Mike, we must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
As a doctor, I will help her pain –
Let’s go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 16

Mike’s plane was very nearly full,
So into the clouds they soared.
With a doctor now aboard,
The patient was restored!

Swooping down to land again,
The young pilot sat up front.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo,
He saw poachers on the hunt!

Down below, Mike sadly saw
Men dressed in brown and green,
All running fast with great big nets,
Chasing chimpanzees they’d seen!

‘Shhh everyone,’ whispered Foxtrot,
As he quietly opened the door.
‘We can save a baby chimp,
Or is there room for more?’

As he said it, a lady appeared,
With a large load on her back.
And as she crouched beside the plane,
Mike saw it was jet black.

‘I greet you with these tiny chimps,
Thank goodness that you came.
We’ve lost too many from this place,
The poachers are to blame!’

‘These three babies will have a chance.
Can you take them to the King?
We’ve heard he’s born in Bethlehem,
They are our gifts for Him!

‘So hurry, Mike, now follow that star –
There’s not a moment to lose.
Keep these babies nice and safe –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 17

‘We’re landing again,’ Foxtrot said,
And sure, enough they had.
This land was hilly and a bit more chilly,
For which, Mike felt quite glad.

Jumping out, Mike could see
A cloud of dust appear.
And towards them flew a flash of blue,
A quad bike in top gear!

‘Goodness, that is going fast,’
Said the doctor, standing by.
‘But what’s the creature behind the wheel,
Its head is in the sky?’

The bike slowed down with squeaky brakes
And Mike began to laugh.
In the driver’s seat was not a man,
But a smiling tall giraffe!

‘Hello friends, I’m glad you’re here,
Alpha is my name.
I’ve bought this bike to lend a hand
With the adventure in your plane!

‘I’ve heard King Jesus has much to do
And has no car to get about.
So this quad bike from Lesotho
Is just the gift, no doubt.

‘So hurry now, Mike, we must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
I’ve packed my bike and found a seat –
Let’s go and spread the Christmas news!’

Day 18

Mike was enjoying this adventure,
And as the plane came in to land,
He wondered who they’d meet this time,
As he saw an island with white sand.

‘We’re in Madagascar, Mike.’
It seemed Foxtrot had been before.
‘I hope there’s room for someone else,
A fluffy friend’s outside the door!’

Sure enough, something black and white
Jumped into his lap,
As he opened the door and waved hello
To a zookeeper in a cap.

‘Greetings, Mike, this is Larry,
He’s our friendly lemur pet.
We are sending him off to meet the King –
I’m James, the local vet.’

Before they flew, James fed and checked
The creatures in the crate.
He gave them food and water;
They were squawking as they ate!

‘Now they’ve been fed, you’d better take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
We send our praises to the King –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 19

Now it seemed the MAF plane
Was more like Noah’s ark –
So many animals inside the crate;
A zoo for Mike to park!

Mike began to imagine the scene –
In Bethlehem, at the stable,
With all these creatures and far-flung gifts
Being as good as they were able!

The plane dived down towards dry land,
Back in Africa once more,
And up ahead, Mike began to dread,
‘Is there room for any more?’

Sure enough, as they came to a stop,
A man was standing by’
Waving happily to all on board,
And pointing to the sky.

‘Welcome friends, to Mozambique,
I hope you’ve got some room
For the baby elephant we rescued
From the poachers coming soon.

‘She’d love to fly in your MAF plane,
As a present for the King.
She’ll grow up strong, and work so hard,
And will His praises sing!’

With that the little elephant
Lifted her trunk in the air,
And sounded out a long, low blast,
As she sang without a care.

‘Now off you go, my little one,
There’s not a moment to lose.
You’ll squeeze inside, now sit down tight –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 20

‘She’s not so small, that elephant calf,’
Mike smiled and waved goodbye.
With her trunk on his lap, she nibbled his cap
And sang her tune in the sky!

They landed again in Africa,
This time in Tanzania.
And as Alpha jumped out, Mike heard him shout,
‘Bethlehem is getting near!’

At the airstrip there was quite a crowd,
Standing in a line,
Waiting to talk to a doctor and nurse
Who were seeing them one at a time.

‘Hello Alpha, Foxtrot and Mike,
You’re right, the King is near.
Take this vaccination box
To kill the diseases we fear.

‘You see, in places like Bethlehem
That are poor like Tanzania,
People get sick and die too young,
So we’ve got medicine for them here.’

The doctor opened the door to add
The medicine the people gave
And Mike was glad to have on board
Some vaccines that could save.

‘Farewell, Mike, you must take off,
There’s not a moment to lose.
Take these vaccines to help the King,
And go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 21

Their next stop was an African land
Where safari lions roar.
And down below, Mike could see
A village that looked quite poor.

Looking around, Mike heard a sound,
Coming from the villagers’ homes.
And towards him dancers dressed in red
Picked their way across the stones.

‘Greetings, Mike, we hail the King,’
Were their words of happy song.
‘We’ve bought our gifts for your big crate,
We’ve been waiting for so long!

‘To praise God’s Son in Bethlehem,
Here’s our present from this land.
Beaded bracelets and a necklace too –
We’ve made them all by hand!

‘We send our praise from Kenya.
We’ll sing you on your way.
God bless you as you fly along
Before you reach Him on Christmas Day!

‘Now hurry along, you’re nearly there,
There’s not a moment to lose.
Take our jewellery to the King,
Go spread the Christmas news!’

Day 22

Landing soon in a place nearby,
Uganda to be precise,
Mike saw an airstrip below him
Alongside fields of rice.

Near the runway stood a boy,
With a huge smile on his face.
He raced towards the landing spot,
Pushing a wheelchair at quite a pace!

‘Hello Mike, and Alpha too,
I’m glad you all stopped here.
I’d like to send a gift for God;
Something that I’ve held dear!

‘This chair helped me to get about,
But it’s one I need no more.
For my legs have healed and now I walk,
Like I never did before!

‘So take these wheels to Bethlehem,
Where someone may have need.
Anyone sitting in this chair
Can be pushed along at speed!

‘Now hurry on, Mike, go follow that star,
There’s not a moment to lose – This wheelchair can help someone in need
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 23

Flying north above a river,
Mike entered South Sudan –
A place where war had bruised the land,
And left people fleeing harm.

The airstrip was so very remote,
Near swampland and deep bog.
But coming towards them was a man
And beside him walked a dog.

‘Another creature?’ Mike thought out loud,
There seemed to be no room.
The crate was full of everyone’s gifts –
This adventure must end soon!

‘Welcome here to South Sudan,
Your journey’s end is near.
I have a puppy who needs a home,
She was lost and filled with fear!

‘You see, her owners ran away
When their house began to burn,
Because there’s war and it’s just not safe
For the locals to return.

‘So will you take her? She’s no one else.
And don’t forget to pray
For the people escaping South Sudan,
That they’ll find true peace one day.

‘We have heard that a holy child
Will be born in a land afar.
We pray His birth will heal our world.
Now go follow that Christmas star!

‘Hurry on, Mike, you’re almost there,
There’s not a moment to lose.
Take this puppy to see the King –
Go, spread the Christmas news!’

Day 24

The plane took off, and night drew near,
The horizon all aglow.
But there seemed to be just one more stop,
The place was down below.

A dusty desert with deep, white sand
Was where the plane touched down.
Their final gift for Bethlehem
Lay in the nearby town.

A man walked close, and dragged a crate
Of bottles filled with drink.
And Mike realised that his thirst was deep,
‘I need some water, I think!’

‘Greetings friends, welcome to Chad,
The last stop on your trip.
We send you on with fresh, cool water.
Be restored with every drip!

‘The Jesus child is born this night,
And we know you’ve travelled far,
To gather gifts for Bethlehem,
Led by the Christmas star.

‘When you find Him, give our praise,
And tell this story far and wide,
That God’s own Son is here on earth.
He has come to be our guide.

‘Though you drink now, you’ll thirst once more,
But Jesus can help you then.
He’ll give you water for eternal life,
And you’ll never thirst again!’

‘Now off you fly, you must take off,
The night is drawing in.
Soon you’ll see it’s Christmas Day,
And the party can begin!’

Find out how the story ends by opening the window for day 25, from Christmas Day onwards. 

A little about Ecuador...

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Ecuador, near the top of South America, derives its name from its location on the Equator. Ecuador has borders with Columbia and Peru and includes parts of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest.

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Christmas Fact

In Ecuador, instead of writing a letter to Santa, the children write a letter to the baby Jesus! They tell Jesus if they’ve been good over the past year and ask for the Christmas presents they would like.

People in Ecuador celebrate Christmas with colourful parades called the Pase del Niño Viajero. In every town there is music and dancing and people dress up in nativity costumes. A model of baby Jesus is carried among the decorated floats, giving the parade its name: ‘the passing of the travelling child!’

Fascinating Fact

Paddington Bear is based on a bear which is found in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, as well as in deepest, darkest Peru. Another name for the Andean bear is the spectacled bear, because the distinctive markings on its face make it look like it’s wearing glasses or spectacles!


19°C, warmish and rainy – a bit like British summertime!

Pase del Niño Viajero

Spectacled Bear

Snakebite emergency!

Five-year-old Lucas lives in a jungle village in Ecuador. He was playing in the river with his friends one day, and was bitten by a snake! He needed to get to hospital fast so his family called MAF.

The plane came quickly and flew Lucas to the hospital so he could receive the treatment he needed. The emergency medical evacuation flight saved his life.

Today, Lucas is happy and healthy, and still loves playing in the river! His snakebite experience hasn’t slowed him down at all.

Bedtime for Lucas is very different from the UK. Children and adults go to bed early because without any electric lights to turn it gets pretty dark in the jungle by 6.30pm.

But if you’re out at night you can see little bursts of green light from fireflies and you get a great view of the stars! If you listen, you can hear insects chirping and birds roosting in the trees.

Many villagers wake up at 3:00am when it’s the best time to go out hunting so they need to be in bed early to get a good night’s rest.

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Foodbank food parcel

As a family or class, set yourself the challenge or putting together a Christmas food gift box and donate to your local foodbank. In your parcel you could include tea/coffee, tinned fruit and vegetables, cereals, UHT milk, pasta, rice and a treat like a tin of biscuits or sweets. You can donate non-food items too, if you wish, including deodorant, soap and toothbrushes.

A network of over 420 foodbanks, run by The Trussell Trust, across the UK provide emergency food parcels for people who would otherwise go hungry in times of crisis. Your donation would make a huge difference to a family in need, especially in this Christmas season. Find your local foodbank on The Trussell Trust website.

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