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A little about Papua New Guinea...

  • It is understandable that the third largest island nation in the world has its challenges. The country is twice as big as the UK in area, with a population nine times smaller.
  • Among the nearly 7 million inhabitants and over 700 ethnic groups, there are 830 languages spoken – representing up to 25% of the world’s spoken languages.
  • Papua New Guinea has hardly any roads and day-long journeys on foot or by boat – if possible – are part of everyday life. MAF’s flight service is indispensable for hospitals, school teachers, traders and the Church.


Computer training for the church

Thomas is 63 years-old. He stares at a laptop screen, hits a few keys and looks around for help – this is the first time he has ever seen a computer before, and he’s not sure what to do next!

Twenty other students join Thomas in the small classroom. They are all pastors, elders or leaders of churches in Mount Hagen, a town in the middle of Papua New Guinea (PNG). For most of them, this is their first ever computer lesson. Caine and Lina are their teachers.

MAF Technology Services provides basic computer training for church staff around PNG. It teaches everything, from turning on a computer and using a mouse, to progressing on to use spreadsheets for bookkeeping and power point to make presentations. The pupils are hoping to put their new skills to good use and by preparing sermons, organising finances and doing administration.

Caine explains, ‘For me, the joy that I have is that I want God’s Word out there. I see the basic computer training as a way to help a pastor prepare his sermons and programmes so he can continue to spread the Gospel.’


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Christmas Story

Day Eleven

‘It wasn’t easy for me, either,’ Joseph said. ‘Could I believe Mary? Was it better for all of us if I left her? Or was it my duty to stay and take care of her and the baby?’ He paused for an instant, then he continued in a soft voice, ‘I came to the conclusion that it would be for the best if I left my fiancée. I’d already prepared my farewell speech.’ ‘What made you stay, anyway?’ Mike wanted to know. ‘The angel appeared to me in a dream. He confirmed all the things Mary had said, and told me to stay with her.’


Mocha Brownies

Made with a shot of Papua New Guinea’s finest coffee, these chocolate brownies will pep you up in no time! Have as a tasty afternoon treat or serve with ice cream for a delicious dessert.

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