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A little about Arnhem Land...

  • Arnhem Land is in the north of Australia and was founded in 1931 by the Aborigines as a reserve or homeland. The area, mostly inaccessible to tourists, is 2.5 times smaller than the UK. It is sparsely populated, with only 25,000 inhabitants – most of them belonging to Yolŋu people.
  • MAF, with its 15 aircraft, focuses on meeting the basic needs of the inhabitants and spreading the Good News to those who living in remote areas. Unfortunately, the Yolŋu’s isolation and seclusion result in unemployment, drugs and alcohol, which have destroyed many lives. MAF brings new hope for the people there.


Flying to school

Parents, teachers and students all appreciate a break from the school run over Christmas! But in the Aboriginal homelands of Northern Australia, lots of pupils just love the opportunity to go to school in their traditional culture.

A student at Gäwa Christian School said, ‘I like that it’s a Christian school. I’ve never been to a Christian school before. I didn’t know about the Bible much. Here you get to learn about Jesus more and other heavenly stuff. Jesus saves us, He can help people and do miracles.’

One of the teachers called Wendy said, ‘Yolŋu and Balanda help each other to learn well and make children strong, knowing God is their Father.’

In just two months, MAF flew eight times for Gäwa Christian School – transporting teachers and students in and out of the homelands, bringing post and supplies for the village shop and responding to medical emergencies. Each flight was greatly appreciated by the community.


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Christmas Story

Day 10

This sounded really thrilling. Mike fired one question after the other, and Mary patiently answered each one. ‘At first I could hardly believe what the angel said. You see, I wasn’t even married at the time,’ she explained. She told Mike about her fears that people might point their fingers at her, and about her deep joy when she realised that she, a simple girl from Nazareth, was chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. ‘When the time came to tell Joseph, I was really nervous, though,’ Mary admitted. ‘You don’t just go up to your fiancé and tell him: “By the way, honey, I’m having a baby, and God is the father.”’


Nativity paper plate game

A fun game for all the family to test your creativity and create a unique Nativity scene.

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