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A little about Chad...

  • Chad, with an area 5 times the size of the UK and over 14 million inhabitants, is in the centre of Africa, crossed by the Sahara and dry savannah in the south.
  • The main languages are French and Arabic. Additionally, there are over 200 ethnic groups, many with their own language.
  • There is political violence and, in recent times, attacks from Boko Haram. Chad is also one of the poorest countries in Africa. Poverty is particularly high in the Sahel zone. MAF has been flying in Chad for 50 years and is based in the capital, N’Djamena.


Good Change in Gogmi

The remote and isolated village of Gogmi in eastern Chad is home to around 6,000 people. Gogmi is one of several airstrips MAF opened in 1967 to support the work of mission agencies. Sadly, the airstrip eventually fell into disrepair and MAF stopped flying there in 1983.

Recently, missionary Johannes Bocher and the people of Gogmi have been working hard to reopen the airstrip, motivated by many of the problems caused by Gogmi’s isolation. Key among these is a lack of medical care. The village’s only health centre has struggled to provide the range of services needed by the villagers.

The people speak fondly of the days when MAF used to fly to Gogmi. So when they heard that the airstrip would finally be reopened, the whole village turned up to celebrate! Only a few weeks later, a team of doctors from Bebalam Hospital flew in run a clinic.


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Christmas Story

Day One

Mike lay flat on his tummy on the living room floor. Oh, how tired he was! He had flown sick children to the hospital, had brought supplies to far-away places and, thanks to the young pilot’s efforts, a midwife had come just in time to assist the birth of a tiny baby. Mike loved to help people but right now he had only one wish: some peace and quiet. He yawned and stretched, then he looked dreamily at the nativity figurines that stood on the windowsill. His grandfather had carved them for him a long time ago, but Mike hardly ever saw him anymore because he was so busy flying around.


Chicken in Gombo Sauce

In the north of Chad, most families serve Gombo daily with boule or rice (but more commonly boule, which is made into thick dough balls using rice flour). This sauce can be made by itself or with fish, goat, beef or chicken.

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